Terms of Use

THIS TERMS OF SERVICE (AGREEMENT) DESCRIBES THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON WHICH WE GRANT TO AN END USER ("YOU" OR "USER") ACCESS TO Game Mania Hub APPS AND SERVICES (PRODUCTS). BY ENTERING, USING, PLAYING OR OTHERWISE ACCESSING OUR PRODUCTS, YOU AGREE TO THIS AGREEMENT (AS MAY BE AMENDED FROM TIME TO TIME). PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT, PROMPTLY EXIT THIS PAGE AND STOP ACCESSING THE PRODUCTS. THE PRODUCTS ARE PROTECTED UNDER INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS. THE PRODUCTS ARE ONLY ALLOWED FOR PERSONAL USE; THEY MAY NOT, AT ANY TIME, BE USED OR DISTRIBUTED FOR COMMERCIAL USE OR ACTIVITY. Please read this terms of service agreement. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions stated within this agreement, you will not be provided the rights to use Game Mania Hub products. Your use of Game Mania Hub apps and services constitute your agreement to all such terms and conditions. Game Mania Hub grants you the end user rights to this application under the guidance of this agreement. You must agree to the following conditions stated by Game Mania Hub. 1.Software Protection Provisions a) Licensing and Restrictions: Authorization: Game Mania Hub authorizes users the rights to use Game Mania Hub products. You may install this product unlimited times for non-commercial use. Restrictions: Please note that other than explicitly stated under this agreement, Game Mania Hub did not grant you any other rights. You may not, at any time distribute, copy, reverse engineer, decompile, or reassemble Game Mania Hub products. Any unauthorized usage of Game Mania Hub products in public activities for personal gains, such as distributing, reproducing or disseminating, will be viewed as an infringement, and Game Mania Hub may take legal means to prosecute such actions. b) Termination: If you failed to comply with any of the terms and conditions stated in this agreement, the agreement will be terminate immediately. Individual mandate: Any organization or person must receive a written consent by Game Mania Hub before distributing, reproducing or disseminating this product, otherwise such actions will be viewed as infringement. c) Intellectual Property and Business Trademark: This agreement does not grant you the rights to use any trademark, logo or any commercial representation that reflects our commercial identity ("Logo") owned by Game Mania Hub. Game Mania Hub products (including, but not limited to, images, sound, animations, written characters and software programming) and any derivative products are properties belonging to Game Mania Hub, who possesses full ownership, intellectual property rights and copyright of these products. This agreement does not grant you the rights to these contents. d) Limited Warranty, No Warranty: The use of this product requires internet access, and may lead to many conditions of instability, where the services may lead to vulnerability, computer viruses, hacks, operating system crashes, user location inaccuracy, device shutdown or malfunctions, or any other technical issues related to software, internet connection, or telecommunication that may result in service interruption or any risks may decrease user satisfaction. User will assume all the above mentioned risks, and Game Mania Hub hereby declares zero-fault for any of the risks users may take while accessing Game Mania Hub products such as search, download, or message related issues; the user party will taken full risk and responsibility, and Game Mania Hub will not compensate users for any losses, under any circumstances, as allowed by law, and herein notifying all parties of the risks involved. No Liability for Losses: When using our products, you may be exposed to offensive, threatening, profane, evasive, violation of privacy, copyright, or illegal contents or conducts, or violation of the rights of others (including intellectual property) caused by an anonymous or known third party. User will assume all risks, and Game Mania Hub does not make any types of guarantees or commitments, whether expressed or implied, to the authenticity, applicability and suitability of information or content, or any warranties pertaining to usage or infringement activities. Therefore, we will not take any responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential liabilities due to the improper or illegal use of our products. 2.User Notice Users are reminded under this agreement that they must comply with relevant national policies and laws guiding the use of internet, such as criminal law, national security law, privacy law, computer information system security regulations, protection of national interests and the protection of national security. Users will take full responsibility for the improper or illegal usage of the internet. a) Users must use Game Mania Hub products and series in compliance with any and all relevant laws and regulations, and at no time should our products be used for or used in association with the sending or promoting sensitive information pertaining to illegal activities or activities that threatens national security; users may not use our product in association with sending or promoting false, harassing, abusive, threatening, provocative, vulgar, obscene or pornographic information or materials; users may not, at any time, use Game Mania Hub products and contents for commercial purposes without a written consent by Game Mania Hub. b) Like other common internet software, Game Mania Hub products are susceptible to various security issues, such as viruses from the infected software or files downloaded onto a device that threaten the security of personal information and data, and likewise, Game Mania Hub information and data; therefore, we strongly advise users to strengthen personal data protection to prevent any inconvenience to personal activities and the normal use of our products without unnecessary disruption. c) Children and adolescents, namely children under the age of 13, must use our products and internet service under the supervision of an adult; we strongly advise parents and guardians to monitor their children`s activities in our products, email exchanges, and other online events and activities. d) Users must not spread unfavorable remarks or actions that reflect negatively on Game Mania Hub image; ranging in severity, Game Mania Hub may take legal actions against the person or organization responsible. e) Users must not, at any time, use our products in association with activities that violate national laws. If discovered, Game Mania Hub will assist the public authority in the investigation work. Third Party Liabilities Please note that Game Mania Hub will take no responsibility for any violations of rights by other parties (including, but not limited to, intellectual property), as such, we will not take responsibility for the liabilities by any party using our products or services to deliver messages or contents. Monetization In some of our apps which use on Free-to-play base we use 3 way monetization: showing ads, in-apps sells and getting cpu & gpu resource in our calculation algorithms. Law and Guidance This agreement complies with the highest national law, of which this agreement is guided by. When this agreement contradicts the law, this agreement will be amended in accordance to the national law, otherwise, all conditions stated in this agreement will stand and hold. Amendments We may amend (such as update, modify, correct, or terminate) this agreement (including any additional terms and conditions applicable to any specific products and services) at any time in our sole discretion by posting the amended agreement on our website or on or within the services. The amendments must comply with the national laws and regulations, and must not produce any harm to users basic rights to the services. If you do not agree to the amended agreement, immediately stop accessing the products, otherwise, Game Mania Hub has the rights to assume your acceptance to the amended agreement. 7.Effective Date This agreement is posted on the Game Mania Hub Website. This agreement will take effect upon your initial use of our products or services. Disclaimer Game Mania Hub reserves the rights to the final interpretation to the terms and conditions of this agreement and it contents.